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Sample, Specimen, & Lab Operations
Mega Webinar

Date: June 06, 2024

Time: 10:00 a.m. EDT

20/15 Visioneers is proud to announce its first annual Sample, Specimen, & Lab Operations Mega Webinar. This webinar will include software & hardware partner vendors from Sample Management (small and large molecules), Biospecimen Management, and Lab Operations (including automation).


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Talk Title:

Simplifying Drug Discovery on a Global Scale: Seamless Sample Management & Assay Orchestration with STORE and REQUEST


In the evolving landscape of global drug discovery, effective sample management is crucial for success. This talk will explore how our integrated software solutions streamline this complex and constantly evolving process.


Our STORE application offers unparalleled sample tracking capabilities, allowing organizations to monitor, store, and manage their inventory globally. It integrates seamlessly with instruments, fulfills orders, and is user-maintained without the need for specialized IT resources. With REQUEST, scientists can efficiently order samples and conduct assays, while the system stores all necessary assay information. REQUEST intelligently informs users of sample availability, required resources, processing details, and sources samples based on assay location, ensuring precise and timely testing. It also notifies downstream processors and tracks progress, eliminating guesswork and reducing errors


Complementing STORE and REQUEST are our other robust applications: ANALYZE, which provides in-depth data analysis; VISUALIZE, which consolidates data for informed decision-making; and APR, which stores protocols for easy access. Together, these tools create a comprehensive platform that enhances efficiency, reduces errors, and optimizes resource utilization.


Join us to discover how our end-to-end software solutions help scientists navigate geographical barriers, minimize mistakes, and maximize ROI in the rapidly evolving field of drug discovery.

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Co-Founder, Director


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Clinical Transformation Partners

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