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Selection and Deployment

The Team did a fantastic job in our ELN selection and deployment. Their preparation on data and process governance allowed us to deploy with the fastest adoption I ever witnessed in my career.


Scientific Software


Scientific Data & Process Strategies

John’s strategy to prepare us for an in-Silico R&D company was both insightful and effective. It included not only the details on what’s needed but the Change Management on how we get there!


Global R&D Imaging Strategies

We received multiple responses to our Global R&D Imaging Strategy and John’s was by far the most comprehensive and importantly pragmatic!


In Silico & Science Support


Data Process

John’s feedback on not only our roadmap but how we could improve our product and improve adoption was very insightful. We now have a beta offering that our clients want sooner!

We selected John and his Team because they were the only Team that had deep Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry experience as well as Computational Chemistry and Biology. They presented novel ideas that others did not. 

20/15 Visioneers is considered a thought leader in the industry. Our SMEs work closely with you to select the best architecture, partner vendors, and solutions to make your data and processes FAIR


Digiceuticals Strategy

Do you know how hard it was to find someone who not only has been highly successful in drug discovery from both a science and technology perspective but some who understood the AR/VR space & strategy!


Amazing Content

20/15 Visioneers' Science and Technology webinars have gained us serious leads for our business.

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Go-to-Market & M&A Services

Providing GTM strategies and execution for novel science and technology companies. 

M&A due diligence for the R&D industry. 

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