Announcing The World’s First Microbiome & Multi-Omics (M&M)

Virtual Conference March 8-9, 2022


The amount of work happening today to understand biology has and will continue to exponentially increase. What comes along with that is exponential increases in data!

We will get to see major discoveries unfold over the next couple of years because of the microbiome and multi-omics research. We predict we will also see many associations and improvements in all aspects of life simply through the new understanding and how the microbiome is involved in multiple different systems.


Central to science and technology endeavors and understandings is and will be the ability to produce and consume FAIR data and processes and use the power of technology to exploit as much as possible.


Because of these immense current and future capabilities, 20/15 Visioneers will bring together the thought leaders who are making major impacts from a software, research, and product perspective. In the spirit of keeping things simple, highly interactive, and focused on knowledge sharing the live virtual conference will consist of the following:


Pivoting the typical conference approach while reducing the tracks and bringing the most interesting presentations for a better attendee experience.

  • Daily Round Table summaries

  • Key Notes

  • Vendor Show Cases with individual Break-Out-Rooms (Augmented Reality), scheduled 2x each day

  • Industry and academic speakers

  • Free for attendees!


Watch Recordings Below:

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Announcing The World's First Cloud Lab, HTE, Lab Automation Virtual Conference


“Flying Higher Than the Current Lab of the Future Thinking...”


” There is nothing permanent except change.” –Heraclitus


We all are aware that life is changing. This is particularly true when it comes to science and technology. Change is the main engine that moves progress and leads to scientific achievements that in turn lead to a new change in a virtuous endless cycle. The way experimentation was performed in the 19th century has little to do with the way it was done in the 20th century. And in the 21st century, such change in experimentation procedures continues even at a faster pace to keep up with the innovations delivered by disruptive technologies.

Change is usually difficult and takes effort and time. As Visioneers, we have had a very good track record of future trends and needs. Science and Technology are what we do, and we are proud to announce this first conference and to bring leading experts to share their enthusiasm, accomplishments, and vision for current and very near future capabilities.

We are pivoting the typical conference approach but reducing the tracks and bringing the most interesting talks with a better attendee experience.

  • Round Table summaries

  • Key Notes

  • Vendor Show Case with individual  Break Out Rooms, scheduled from 12-12:30 MTW, and more may get added based on conference feedback

  • Industry and academic speakers

  • Sponsorship levels to meet your budgets

  • Lupper and Linner talks


We the people are some of the biggest assets yet we sometimes are the problem from a larger organizational perspective. Laboratory automation, HTE, and now Cloud Labs are solving some of the cultural issues we deal with in R&D today. Taking the human opinion or error out of the equation many times and can help us drive better experimentation and much more of it. This in turn provides the ability to produce more model-quality data. This is just the beginning of the paradigm change and should lead to much higher efficiencies and innovation which will lead to more discoveries.