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20/15 Visioneers was founded in Late November 2019 as a virtual R&D management consultancy by John F. Conway, who has spent over 30 years in R&D laboratories, scientific informatics, computational methods, and scientific software.  Little did we know the COVID Pandemic was going to be knocking on our door.  Our strategy from the beginning was to be a virtual company, and that’s exactly how it played out.  We found ourselves in a whirlwind of new large biopharma clients and scientific software companies.  We weren’t venture-backed, we were completely self-funded and the fact that we were able to grow and scale the company based on satisfied clients was very rewarding. 

We learned very early that we had skills in science and technology marketing.  We started doing webinars and other marketing services for different clients and realized quickly that we were able to meet the demands and needs of our clients. 

To meet the demand, we have brought some of the best-experienced scientists and technologists to your projects, people that not only can talk the talk but have walked the walk with molecules in the clinic! 

Today 20/15 Visioneers is providing thought leadership in R&D IT and Informatics for large Biopharma and Next Generation startups and Scientific software companies.  Our highly skilled consultants know the science, the data, the processes, and the technology to make you highly efficient and successful! 

Simply put, scientists and technologists helping scientists and technologists make better, future-proofed decisions from an R&D, Marketing, and Staffing perspective! 

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Meet the Team

John F. Conway, SoHK
CEO & Founder


A global thought leader in R&D IT and  Informatics Strategy.

I have been in Science since a kid :). I built my first laboratory in my parent’s Emmaus PA basement where I made nitrogen triiodide among other “things”! It would cause great fun and laughter as it would mysteriously “go off” while we were eating dinner. I managed to survive my teenage years and retain all my digits and limbs. From there I went to Penn State, where I could pursue my passion for chemistry and biology.  I studied Biochemistry and worked in the great Richard Frisque Lab as both a laborer and student. After Penn State, I ended up working as an analytical biochemist for Tektagen (now Charles River Labs) and then the PA State Police as a Forensic Scientist. After several years I decided to go work for startup biotech called STC (now Orasure). After several years of that, I left and started Avecon Inc., a diagnostics development startup. I sold that to my partner a year later and joined Merck and Co. Inc. where I stayed for 10 years.  There I started writing code and building applications more than not, and met some amazing people, friends, and colleagues along the way. After 10 years at Merck, I left for GSK where I was the Philadelphia Site Head for Discovery Informatics and Head of the Structural Biology Domain. I left GSK after a large restructuring and spent the next 7 years at Accelrys (now Biovia) where we had great success in Scientific informatics software and services. I had a concept and idea I wanted to build and my next move took me to Schrodinger where we ended building a real-time comp chem and med/syn chem collaboration tool called LiveDesign. I left Schrodinger for a great opportunity to head up the R&D division for LabAnswer (now Accenture). After great success there I left to become Head of R&D IT for Medimmune (AstraZeneca). AZ was a great place to work but unfortunately, because of my family commitments, I had to resign. So here I am, 20/15 Visioneers and very happy and very motivated 🙂

Bringing the world’s best to your attention for education and knowledge sharing purposes!

Ralph Rivero, Ph.D.

Senior Chemistry Visioneer

Global thought leader in R&D IT and Informatics Strategy.

As a global thought leader in Medicinal and Synthetic Chemistry, I am an accomplished and passionate “drug hunter” with over 31 years of pre-clinical drug discovery experience in large pharma. I earned my B.S. in Biochemistry from Lehigh University and received a Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry from the University of Pennsylvania, under the direction of Professor Amos B. Smith III. After 8+ years at Merck Research Labs in Rahway NJ, where I began my industrial career as a medicinal chemist in the Department of Discovery Chemistry, I joined Johnson & Johnson where I established a high throughput chemistry unit and assisted with the establishment of high throughput screening and the subsequent medicinal chemistry post-screening follow-up. In 1999, I moved on to SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, which became GlaxoSmithKline in 2000, where I rose through the ranks to Senior Director. I had the pleasure of working at GSK for over 20 years prior to retiring in 2019. I am passionate about applying science and enabling technologies to further the quality of life around the world.

Yolanda Sanchez, Ph.D.

Senior Translational Visioneer

Global thought leader in R&D IT and  Informatics Strategy.

I was born and grew up in Oviedo, the capital of the beautiful region of Asturias in northern Spain (a part of Spain that is always green), where I obtained my undergrad (Biology) and Ph.D. (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology).  Excited about the possibility of seeing the world while doing science, I did my postdoc at the NIH (Bethesda, MD), studying collagen mutations in human genetic diseases.  Afterward, back in Oviedo for a few years, I studied biomarkers of breast cancer prognosis and progression. 

Feeling restless and impatient about the pace of change in Spain’s research environment, I came back to the US, to have a great time working in epithelial responses to infection and lung defense and repair at Washington University (St. Louis). Following the traditional academic career path, I then became an Assistant Professor at Wake Forest School of Medicine (Winston-Salem, NC), supported by startup funds and several foundation grants. It was there that one beautiful summer afternoon a dear colleague brought to my attention an interesting opportunity in pharma. It was an excellent fit for my profile, and something different and exciting. I just had to look into it.

I joined GSK (Philadelphia, PA), where I held positions of increasing responsibility eventually becoming VP and Head of the Stress and Repair Discovery Performance Unit, responsible for the delivery of novel mechanisms to address disease progression in chronic respiratory diseases. Our focus was on cellular stress responses and mechanisms of repair and remodeling, including genetics, functional genomics, and other ‘omics approaches. After 14 wonderful years at GSK, I started yet another path as a scientific consultant for biotech and pharma, and I am greatly enjoying working with different companies offering innovative and pragmatic approaches to help advance their drug discovery programs.

Juan Manuel Dominguez, PhD.

Senior Biochemistry Visioneer

Having devoted my Ph.D. days at Madrid University to enzymology and protein biochemistry, I was seduced by the drug discovery world in 1992 when I joined the antimicrobials division at Glaxo. Since then, I enjoyed almost two decades of my life working for this pharma giant with different family names (Glaxo, GlaxoWellcome, GSK…) focused on developing the most efficient and physiologically relevant bioassays for uHTS and on investigating the mechanism of action of the most relevant hits/leads. I had a lot of fun combining classical biochemistry and enzymology with the newest technologies to achieve success in many challenging projects, always enjoying the companion of excellent scientists and friends surrounding me.

After the GSK adventure, I moved to small biopharma enterprises belonging to the leader Spanish biotech holding, Zeltia group. First focused on neurodegenerative diseases (Noscira S.A.) and then on oncology (PharmaMar S.A.), I used my skills in assay development and mechanistic biology to contribute to the progress of discovery programs, mostly small molecules but also biologicals such as antibody-drug conjugates. And many of these programs reached a successful end: patenting and out-licensing new therapeutic entities, moving candidates to the clinic, and especially achieving regulatory approval of drugs like plitidepsin by the Australian TGA and lurbinectedin by the FDA. I enjoyed some great experiences like using enzymology data to influence the design of Phase 2 clinical trial: science-based decision making is always enjoyable and rewarding!

Now, I am thrilled by the opportunity to continue sharing my enzymology, mechanistic biology, and biochemistry expertise with companies and groups needing support to succeed in their projects; projects that will eventually improve the quality of life of everyone.

Erin Moran
Global Head of Business Operations

Erin received her Bachelor of Nutrition Sciences from Penn State University. Upon graduation, she moved to Philadelphia and worked in the service industry for several years. In 2016, she decided to take a break from the workforce and focus on starting a family with her husband. After 4 years of being a stay-at-home mom while working part-time for Lionbridge, she was eager to start pursuing a full-time career. In March 2021, Erin joined 20/15 Visioneers as Director of Operations and is now Head of Business Operations going into 2022. Her excellent organizational skills and attention to detail ensure the successful day-to-day operations of the company. Erin is committed to understanding and assessing client needs and strives to provide the highest level of client satisfaction. 


Hale Ozbek
Senior Business Development Visioneer

Hale N. Ozbek is a double Hoo, having completed both her B.S. in biomedical engineering and M.S. in infectious diseases from the University of Virginia. She has expertise in mucosal immunology, gut microbiome/metagenomics, and clinical trial management.  

Prior to joining 20/15 Visioneers, Hale managed technical support & customer success operations for a novel saliva-based, point-of-care SARS-CoV-2 PCR testing instrument.  

Communicating complex technical information to wider audiences is a big interest of hers. Outside of work, Hale can often be found swimming, backpacking, or generally enjoying the great outdoors with her husband and golden retriever. 

Aleksandra Wlodarczyk

Head of Business Development EMEA

I am a motivated, pragmatic, and detail-oriented biotech engineer with over 15 years of international team management experience in both R&D and industry environments. I earned my B.S. in Biochemistry from both INSA Lyon – France leading post-baccalaureate engineering school and the Technical University of Lodz in Poland, my native city, with a success in learning French in 6 months. Next, I received a Ph.D. in environmental microbiology focused on plant molecular signals from INSA Lyon, under the direction of Research Director Nicole Hugouvieux-Cotte-Pattat and Professor Gilles Comte. I began my career as a Process Development Engineer in the new Industrial Biotechnology Laboratory is a part of the Technological Park “Bionanopark” in Poland, but due to my strong personal skills I rose fast through the ranks to the Deputy Manager of this Laboratory, where I created it from the scratch, elaborated all ISO and GLP documentation, leading QMS audits, implemented LIMS and I managed client relationships. After 8+ years in R&D, I switched to Quality Control and Manufacturing Process Management in cosmetic and medical devices company, where after just 2 months I rose through the ranks to the Head of Quality Control Department. I am passionate about new scientific informatics tools and their application to the specific needs of different clients on an academic, company, and industrial-scale around the world of biotechnology, pharma, chemistry, etc.

Fernanda Casanueva

Business Development Visioneer - LATAM

Fernanda Casanueva completed her Business Administration career and Post Graduate Certification in Marketing from the UNAM and MBE in London, UK. She also has experience working with British Markets and speaks four languages. 

Prior to joining 20/15 Visioneers, Fernanda worked as a Business Development Representative and a Business Manager. 

Outside of work, she loves traveling, reading, watching movies, and spending time with her family. 





Minh Tran

Senior Visual Design Visioneer

Minh is a visual and product designer who specializes in dynamic and organic designs. Minh enjoys innovating in the creative realm of design for various companies and agencies throughout the United States. Experimenting and exploring new design and illustration ideas excites me, and working with teams of all types inspires me. Being the youngest Vietnamese-American production founder for at-risk youths in San Francisco in the 2010's, I've learned to think differently when involving design and innovation for catering to different demographics. I have a passion for visual and performing arts; I also love to incorporate photography and fashion design in my spare time.

Susan Roberts

Senior Marketing Visioneer

With a passion for marketing effectiveness and documenting results, Susan brings 30 years of experience to 20/15 Visioneers. She has worked in B2B and B2C, learning to combine marketing principles from both to put brands on the map. She's built her marketing chops at small, medium, and large companies ranging from Compatible Systems (acquired by Cisco) to Oracle to TJX (Marshall's). 



Scott Rosenberg

Senior Technology Visioneer

Prior to joining 20/15 Visioneers, Scott was the Chief Software Engineer at Loffa Interactive group. Scott was previously the CIO at Berkley Life Sciences, a subsidiary of WR Berkley Corporation, a Fortune 500, international commercial insurance holding company.  While there, Scott was responsible for developing and maintaining all internal and customer-facing technology initiatives including data warehousing, Business Intelligence & Analytics, data privacy and security, and software development. Before joining WR Berkley, Scott was a Senior Programmer / Analyst at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York.  Scott started his career as an Intraoperative Neurodiagnostic Technologist and has over 8 years of experience with direct patient care. 

Mr. Rosenberg has a B.S. in Health Sciences from the University of Arizona and is actively involved within the FinTech and InsureTech leadership communities.

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