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Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 31, Woody Sherman Ph.D., March 12, 2021

A computational craftsman and determined drug hunter, Woody Sherman tells his life story on Rock Stars of R&D!  Hear how Woody’s passion for chemistry and biotech led to becoming a CSO at Silicon Therapeutics, where he is driving the next-generation approaches to drug design and discovery!   

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 30, Larry Delucas O.D. Ph.D., March 5, 2021

Listen to how Larry went from athletics to Researcher/Professor, to Optometrist to Scientist-Astronaut!  Hear about the opportunities and chance meetings that made Larry what he is today, a solubility and formulations biotech founder, Soluble Biotech (, and Chief Scientist at The Aerospace Corporation (  

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 29, Ross Youngs, February 26, 2021

 An Engineering Entrepreneur in Technology and now as CEO of Biosortia (, Microbiomes and Microbiomics, Ross spent a career driving breakthrough technologies to fruition and acceptance. 

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 28, Jian Wang Ph.D., February 19, 2021



An Enterprising Entrepreneur in Biology & Technology, Jian spent a career driving computational biology, bioinformatics, and clinical solutions. 

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 27, Steve Miller Ph.D., February 12, 2021

An Enterprising Entrepreneur in Science & Technology. Steve spent a career on cutting-edge technology and imaging to advance the detection of biomarkers and disease.  Currently, as CEO of Sandia Biotech ( Steve is focusing on Cancer Diagnostics and Therapeutics. 

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 26, Dr. C. Glenn Begley, February 5, 2021

Humble and  Passionate Physician-Scientist, Data and Science Integrity Evangelist from Down Under!

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 25, Brian Frezza & DJ Kleinbaum PhDs, January 30, 2021

Friends for most of their lives and attending Carnegie Melon for undergraduate, then Scripps Institute and Stanford for Graduate Schools.  Founders of Emerald Cloud Lab and Emerald Therapeutics.

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 24, Laurent Baumes PhD, December 18, 2020

Lauren’s journey includes: BS University of Montpellier,  MS University of Lyon, PHD  University of Lyon, French National Centre for Scientific Research ,  Post Doc Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica (ITQ), ExxonMobil

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 23, Jim Davies Ph.D., December 11, 2020

Jim’s journey includes: State University of NY (BA), Georgia Institute of Technology (MS, Ph.D.) Los Alamos National Laboratory, Queens University (PostDoc), Carleton University (Professor)

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 22, Steve Gallagher Ph.D., December 4, 2020

Steve’s journey includes University or Warwick (BS & Ph.D.), Los Alamos National Laboratory, Merck & Co. Inc and CEO and Co-Founder of Dotmatics Limited

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 21, Yolanda Sanchez Ph.D., November 20, 2020

Yolanda has spent a large proportion of her life helping people breath better and easier, deserving the title of Respiratory Rocker!  

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