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Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 43, Mike Fannon, President & CEO BioIT Solutions November 12, 2021

 Mike was a young entrepreneur who had excellent experiences both in college and with his various roles and startups.  Hear about how his drive and persistence as a scientist and technologist paved the way for a highly successful career!  His company, BioIT Solutions, is providing excellent software and services in the late development and clinical settings.

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 42, Kevin Cramer, Founder & CXO Sapio Sciences November 5, 2021

 Self-taught craft coder, enterprising entrepreneur, and founder of Sapio Sciences, a scientific software company.  With roots in machine learning that may have been ahead of its time, gears shifted and a scientific data management focus ensued.  

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 41, Professor Tudor Oprea M.D. Ph.D., October 29, 2021

Romanian-born lover of chemistry, a man of medicine, but made for molecular modeling, and very interested in scientific informatics!  Come and listen to Professor Tudor’s journey and the successes and challenges that made him who he is today!  He also makes a special announcement! 

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 40, Christopher Southan Ph.D., October 1, 2021

 Intersting informatician and savvy scientist!    Work includes artisanal biocuration, bioinformatics, cheminformatics, proteomics, genomics, drug target discovery and protein chemistry!  Making sure others can connect the dots!

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 39, Paul Denny-Gouldson Ph.D., June 18, 2021

 Curious Computational Chemist, Interesting Informatician, and Morphed Molecular Biologist!  Watch and listen to Paul Denny-Gouldson’s childhood, academic, and athletic history and what led him to leave a successful job at Sanofi and pursue building one of the earliest Bio ELNs!  Some very good life lessons in here!

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 38, Nick Lynch Ph.D., May 21, 2021

 Forward-thinking Chemist and interesting Informatician, Nick has spent his academic and industrial career at the intersection of science and technology.  An evangelist and practice expert on FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable) data and process principles.  Co-Founder of Pistoia Alliance he has guided many in their projects and approaches. 

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 37, Michael Piraino, May 8, 2021

    Accomplished Accountant, a Master of M&A, spending his career consulting and honing his skills to help companies thrive and grow.  An accomplished musician and entrepreneur!  

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 36, Rebecca W. Doerge Ph.D., April 30, 2021

    A humble advocate of always learning, mathematician, statistician, and geneticist. Critical thinking and decisive Dean of Science at Carnegie University.   First in academia to use and announce Cloud Lab university facilities.   Making a big difference to science and the world with her bold actions and foresight. 

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 35, Anton Nagy Ph.D., April 23, 2021

   Courageous Chemical Engineer, Humble HTE engineer, Founder, and CEO of Integrated Lab Solutions,  Anton has an interesting journey that others can definitely learn from!

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 34, Juanma Dominguez Ph.D., April 16, 2021

  A dedicated Drug Hunter, using BioAssays and HTS (High Throughput Screening), Biochemistry, and Enzymology to discover new therapeutic drugs. His passion for science began in his childhood in Spain!

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 33, Abhishek Jha Ph.D., April 9, 2021

  A dedicated data scientist, computational biologist, and enterprising entrepreneur!  Abhishek is the cofounder and CEO of Elucidata, a multi-omics scientific software platform. 

Rock Stars of R&D, Episode 32, John Walzer Ph.D., March 19, 2021

 A cracking chemist who explored the world of HTE and automation to drive high-yield chemistry in  Polyolefin catalysis, organometallic chemistry, catalyst supposition, discovery to deployment scale-up, and scientific and informatics project management. 

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